Friday, September 10, 2010

Pro Mall Tips, a series

When at the mall sometimes you can leave items laying around when browsing clothes. In this terrible ocassion there are several things you should do to ensure the best chances of finding your lost merchandise.

  1. Don't panic, panicking will cause you to not think logically. This is the most important step and yet the hardest to do.
  2. Retrace your steps. Think about the last time you remember having your lost items and go there, then repeat every movement you made from that moment, if your stuff is still where you left it, you'll find it eventually.
  3. If retracing your steps doesn't work ask a store associate if anyone has seen it and maybe turned it into the lost and found. More often than not the person that finds your lost merchandise with either be A, an upstanding citizen and turn it in or B, a shady person but has no use for your items.
  4. If all else fails become a detective, if you can remember anything particular about your bag or whatever keep that in mind and take a look at what the other people in the mall have, if you have your receipt on your person and get lucky enough to find the dick that picked up your stuff, you'll have no problem proving its indeed, yours. 
Hopefully these tips help you in your future mall escapades. Happy shopping!


  1. haha good tips i'll have to try to remember them next i lose something at the mall

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  3. ok I'll use these tips when i lose something at the mall, thanks.

  4. i hate backtracking places when i lose stuff, so annoying~

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  6. Retracing my steps, i love this.


  7. hah they'r ok tips thx

  8. I will surely forget these instructions in such an occasion! :3

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  9. I lost a wallet with 100 dollars in it at starbucks once, and an old gentleman returned it without even touching the money!

  10. nice post man =)
    good luck with the rest of your blog!

  11. pro tip: Look to the top of an escalator and go OH MY GOD! and point, quickly put some shades on and your cool face, and move your folded arms higher to uncover the words "DEAL WITH IT" printed across the front of your top and revel in the awesome.

    Coming to a mall soon near you! :P

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